Jakarta Restaurant and Dining Guide

Jakarta is like paradise for food lovers. From cheap and simple street food to luxury restaurant, from local and traditional to chinese and western food, all are available with a wide options to suit everyone's budget. And as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta is a great place to taste various Indonesian cuisine.

Manado Cuisine
Manadonese cuisine is undoubtedly delicious especially Manado seafood and the fiery spices. There are a lot of Manado Restaurant in Jakarta, and Pingkan Resto Manado is one of the most widely available Manado Resto in Shopping Malls food court.

Sundanese Cuisine
Sundanese traditional food from West Java Province is usually associated with sambal (sauce) and lalap (salad). Sajian Sunda Sambara and Bumbu Desa Restaurant are the most favorit places to enjoy Sundanese cuisine in the city.

Padang or Minangkabau Cuisine
The Padang or Minangkabau Traditional Cuisine from West Sumatera Province is another Indonesian heritage. Padang Cuisine Restaurants (Rumah Makan Padang) can be found anywhere in Jakarta, easily identified with symbolic Minangkabau Traditional House with Minangkabau roof design.

International Cuisine
There also a lot of international food restaurants in Jakarta:
Sailendra Restaurant
Located at the JW Marriott Hotel lobby level, Sailendra Restaurant offers the city's best buffet with international and local cuisine.

Times Square Restaurant & Bar
Located at West Mall Grand Indonesia Shopping Town level 3A and managed by Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Times Square Restaurant & Bar provides authentic American Food in a 1950’s Americana theme restaurant room.

Burger King

Local Brand - Fast Food
Es Teler 77